Prices are in euros and are likely to be modified without notice according to the trend of the oil prices.


Per set :

♦ Non member                                                                                         45                                                 

♦ First time or children under 18                                                         40

♦ Member, per set                                                                                   32


Prices with a Five set card or group price :

♦ Member, with a 5 sets card                                                              150

Member, with a 5 sets card, under 18 years old                          145

Non member, group of more than 5 people                                   35   per person

(maximum 2 times per year)


Stand up paddle:

♦ Per hour                                                                                                15


Inflatable tube, 3 seats:

♦ Per person,  minimum 2 people on,                                               15


Annual membership 2020*:

♦ Student                                                                                                219

♦ Individual                                                                                             339

♦ Family                                                                                                  498

♦ Carte ski                                                                                                  20

♦ competition licence                                                                                35


(*) The Membership waterski paradise is mandatory for all those who come more than 2 times, except internships. Its give the quality of member for the 2020 calendar year and influences the price per round or in camp.

Membership is not equivalent to insurance.  The school is not responsible for the injuries which occurred because of skier. We advise to take your own insurance with the ‘carte ski’ which covers you when you are not competitive skier or you don’t have a individual insurance already.

Every payement of the annual membership before the 1st of May, you can add 10% discount.

For further information, sent a email to waterskiparadise@gmail.com or call 0473/326005