Waterski paradise place is perfect for waterski.

The banks of the lake are made of rocks with a decreasing of 10%, avoiding backwash.

Orientation of the lake is east-west, preventing from most dominant winds. The width doesn’t exceed 300 feet, so it’s not open to the wind.

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With these great conditions, the best skiers of Belgium trains at the place. You will ski with medalists of the world championships and finalists at the Europeans, all the summer.

11.3, céline detry, finaliste au championnat d'europe Céline Detry, finalist at the european championship in slalom

11.4, arnaud labarre junior, finaliste au championnat d'europe dauphin Arnaud Labarre junior, Fifth at the european junior championship 2015 in slalom and jump


Waterski Paradise is very easy accessible which allows you to ski during the week, with not too much travelling time, and even after your job, because we are always open, on appointment.


Installations and services

A beach is at your disposal at the place, to relax between your ski sets, with beach beds and fatboys.

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A changing room is available in the container, for your comfort.

And a space of relaxation, with grass, a cover of shade, tables and chairs is at your disposal too.

We recommend, that you and your friends take along a picnic because we do not make cooking at the lake. Our bar is open the weekend and bank holidays and provides cold drinks.

Massages at your disposal, on demand.

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On water, the slalom course and the ramp are privative and are accessible only to members.
For the wakeboarding activity we have taken the option of not installing ‘moduls’ or ‘kickers’ for safety reasons.