Camps on the lake

Camps for every level can be organized, on demand (only in July and August) at the lake, during the season, without accommodation, for youth from 8 to 18 year old.

Only waterski/wakeboard/multisports or waterski/wakeboard and Fun tube/multisports.

All participants of the camp can use the paddle board.


Approximate start of the camp at 8h30 am, finish at 5 pm.

Camp, per week, only the weekdays (from monday to friday). There is no camp on the weekend.

Prices, per person, with lunch and drink at lunch time.


Camp, waterski or wakeboard only:

Per day, 4 sets a day                                       none member                  member

                                                                                                140                                           120



Camp mixed waterski/wakeboard + aftenoon outdoor sports:

 Morning waterski/wakeboard (2 sets) + stand up paddle. Afternoon outdoor sports.

              ♦ Per day        85 


Camp mixed waterski/wakeboard/fun tube + afternoon outdoor sports:

Morning waterski/wakeboard (1 set), 1 set fun tube. Afternoon outdoor sports.

♦ Per day       70


Camp of minimum 4 persons and maximum 12.


Only July and August.


Prepayement of minimum 30% on the bank account of waterski paradise, 1 week before the start of the camp, with the date and the formula of choise.

BE 07 7320 2732 6466, BIC: CREGBEBB

Inscription by email or phone; 0473/326005

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